Charity through shrewd business practices

Charity through shrewd business practices
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) is an example of how successful business people can use their talent in charity. The top way that their impact is felt is their educational efforts. Their health division helps the world be healthier. All is paid through investing original funds to maximize returns.

Education through BMGF

BMGF has started helping with education in a multitude of ways. One of the ways is through the formation of new small schools to help with ratios between teachers and students. Each student is able to get more personalized attention. Students are able to excel and go to college.

Helping with education.

The BMGF helps colleges, especially in the field of computer science. There have been several scholarships that have been started, as well. The work in colleges allows the next generation to be educated in new technologies and not have the heavy burden of loans.

Education helps keep people from poverty. Charity on this level is much more than that. It helps the people that need it go beyond any need for it.

Health division of BMGF

No one can succeed if they are too sick to work on their future. Worldwide, BMGF has helped people stay healthy through more than just doctors. While the Foundation does fund research on diseases, they also find other problems and get them fixed.

One way that BMGF has found a solution was through the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge in 2011. The challenge help solve the problem of sanitation that affects much of the poorer areas of the world. Innovation was needed and the Foundation found a way to get it done.

Funding the charity

One way that people seem to have an issue with is how BMGF is funded. The Foundation was funded by both the Gates and Warren Buffett. The money was then invested to get the maximum results. The aggressive way to keep the work going is the same approach to business that Gates and Buffett used.

Charity can be more than a group needing donations. BMGF has shown that through a business model that a charity can expand and be more. Jason Hope has even expanded towards using this business model.The investments have allowed the help to education and health issues. There are other initiatives and the funds are safe because of shrewdness.